Her name was Evie. She was a spirited young girl, the daughter of immigrants who lived in a certain nefarious St Kilda dwelling. Those who knew her could see that at age 13 she was a diamond in the rough. Despite her upbringing she showed compassion beyond her years and with remarkable, incredible determination she began to care for the homeless and needy. Over the years many would come to rely on Evie for the food she provided. The local council has since taken to arranging food for the homeless. Evie’s Legacy was born.


The story began at the formerly known Beverly Crest Hotel, built in 1974 and officially opened by the MP Brian Dixon; Minister for Youth & Sport. Now the Crest on Barkly Hotel and home to Saint Evie. The story was told by Duillo, the Head Chef of the hotel at that time. He passed away in 2014, aged 93, may he rest in peace.


‘Evie would walk via the service entrance of the hotel into the main kitchen, with a gentle tap at the door, the Chefs on duty knew who had arrived. They always greeted her with a smile and had something special prepared for her dinner.
Evie would eat her meal whilst eagerly waiting for the dinner service to finish. This was when her work began. She would pack away the leftovers which she would take around to the homeless of St Kilda. Evie had a regular routine of walking hurriedly in the direction of Grieves Street then on to the Catani Gardens in search of people in need. This was the way for years to come.
We never knew what had happened to her immediate family; she would never discuss it. We understood that something dark and sinister lay beneath but we would never know the truth.
Nonetheless the Hotel team knew she was a good spirit doing wonderful things for the community and they supported her for many years.


Evie moved on without a good bye, never to be seen again but Duillo was certain that she would have continued to care for people in need wherever she went.


This inspirational and heart-warming urban legend gives rise and pays homage to “Saint Evie”. The name seems fitting for such a kind and compassionate soul. In┬áthat spirit we at Saint Evie endeavour to provide modern Australian food with Asian influences designed to be shared along with noble hospitality in a relaxed environment.


Stop by some time. Share a meal and a drink in good company.

Saint Evie

47 Barkly St.